The Arab Parliament appreciates a UN decision to investigate Israel


On Friday, the Arab Parliament appreciated the decision of the United Nations Human Rights Council to establish a commission to investigate Israeli human rights violations in the occupied Palestinian territories.


Parliament said in a statement that the UN decision came in line with a decision taken in an emergency session.

And on the call for the formation of an international fact-finding committee to investigate the crimes of the occupying power (Israel) against the Palestinian people.

The statement considered that the resolution of the Human Rights Council “indicates the determination of the international community to carry out its responsibilities towards the massacres facing the Palestinian people and to move forward with accountability and accountability for (the perpetrators).”

He stressed the need to expedite the procedures for forming an investigation committee.

Parliament also called on “the countries of the free world to provide all support to facilitate the mission of this committee.”

And to remove all obstacles and obstacles that the occupying power (Israel) may place in the way of carrying out its legal, humanitarian and moral mission. “