Tatar: Greek Cypriot Attempts to Strengthen Its Defenses Against Peace


The President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Ersin Tatar, said that the attempts of the Greek Cypriot administration to strengthen its missile defense systems do not serve peace and will lead to an increase in tension in the eastern Mediterranean.


This came in a statement he made on Wednesday to the Turkish Cypriot Agency, in which he evaluated the news reported by the Greek Cypriot media about the Ministry of Defense’s intention to strengthen its missile defense systems.

Tatar expressed his country’s deep concern about this development, calling on the Greek Cypriot administration to act wisely in this regard.

He continued, “Such steps increase tension in the eastern Mediterranean, and it is likely that Greek Cyprus forgets Turkey’s presence in the region.”

Since the collapse of the UN-sponsored Cyprus reunification talks in Switzerland in July 2017, no formal UN-brokered negotiations have taken place to settle the dispute on the island.


Cyprus has been suffering since 1974, a division between two parts, Turkey in the north and Rome in the south, and in 2004, the Greek Cypriots rejected a plan presented by the United Nations to unite the two parts of the island.