Tatar calls for lifting the siege on northern Turkish Cyprus


The President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Arsin Tatar, stressed the need to end the isolation, blockade and restrictions imposed on his country, especially with regard to freedom of travel.

This came in a speech he made on Thursday during the opening ceremony of a new runway and passenger terminal at Arcan International Airport in northern Turkish Cyprus.

Tatar added that freedom of movement and travel is a basic human right.

He explained that the new runway and passenger terminal at Arcan International Airport were established under the instructions of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


Tatar thanked his Turkish counterpart and all parties that contributed to the establishment of the airport.

And he continued, “As a Turkish country located in the eastern Mediterranean, I would like to share this pride with our nation. The possession of the Republic of Northern Cyprus such an airport is a matter of pride for us.”

It is noteworthy that Arjan Airport was built on an area of 7,800,000 square meters, and with recent modifications, it has become suitable for the use of all types of passenger aircraft thanks to its new runway with a length of 3,100 meters.

It is noteworthy that many European countries impose isolation and siege on the Republic of Northern Cyprus to force it to yield and accept the dictates of the Roman side to solve the Cyprus crisis.