Talks between Turkey and Iran regarding border security


The governor of Van in eastern Turkey, Muhammad Emin Bilmes, discussed with the Iranian governor of Khoy, Hossein Abbasi, a number of bilateral issues such as border security, combating terrorism and human and drug smuggling.


This came during the meeting of the “Security Subcommittee” in its 56th session on Thursday in the Iranian city of Khoy.

In a statement during the meeting of the two countries’ delegations, Bilmes explained that recent developments in the Middle East and Afghanistan have fueled irregular migration, stressing that Turkey and Iran have taken strict measures on their borders.

He stressed that irregular migrants are a big problem for Turkey, saying: “We are taking the necessary measures.

The fight against irregular migration, terrorism, drug and human trafficking will be more successful if Turkey and Iran take measures together and act together.”


For his part, the governor of Khoy stated that the border between the two countries did not witness major events thanks to the efforts of the security forces of both sides, adding: “We will not give a chance to those who try to destabilize the peace and friendship between the two countries.”

Abbasi expressed Iran’s readiness for all forms of cooperation with Turkey in combating terrorism, human trafficking and drug trafficking.