“Safe Tourism Certification” to Turkey’s tourism professionals


One of the options for those who want to have a secluded vacation during the coronavirus period is a vacation on a boat.

The issuance of the “Safe Tourism Certificate” for tourist boats began, and with the certificate, the demand for yachts and boats increased.

It also gave the inclusion of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of marine tourism vehicles and employees in the “Safe Tourism Certificate”.

The “Priority Vaccination Program for Tourism Employees” is “hope for tour operators and boat owners who have been waiting for the season to get active on the Blue Journey.”

Tour boat owners, which is one of the indispensable activities in the summer months, have also begun to provide safe tourism opportunities.

In the face of the coronavirus epidemic of tourists who set their vacation route as a boat vacation, this situation has increased the preference of vacationers for boat and yacht vacations.


A certificate of safe tourism is also granted to tourist boats

Those who want to go on a blue cruise require a certificate of safe tourism from boat owners.

The director of the accreditation company Serkan Ceylan said that when the boats receive the “health tourism certificate”, their customers increase.

Those wishing to have a secluded vacation during the coronavirus period have turned to approved tourist boats, and this situation has allowed boat owners to take even stricter precautions.

Masks and distance rules on boats are also checked without warning

Mustafa Kaplan, director of boat operations, said Turkish customers are very keen on this problem.

“Turkish customers in particular are very interested in this problem. They definitely want this in reservations, and they want them to be safer. With a safe tourism certificate, our customers’ growth was really greater.”

Inspections of tourist boats are also carried out strictly, and by attending the tours as clients, the inspectors check compliance with the standards.