Russia: We destroyed a satellite, and Washington condemned “hypocrisy”


The Russian Defense Ministry announced on Tuesday the destruction of an inactive Russian satellite in orbit with a missile, describing Washington’s condemnation as “hypocrisy”.


The ministry said in a statement that it had targeted a Russian satellite in space with a missile on November 15.

It explained that the target satellite bears the name “Tselina-D”, which has been in orbit since 1982 and is no longer operating.

In response to the United States’ accusations against Russia that targeting the satellite poses a threat to the International Space Station, the ministry described Washington’s statements in the statement as hypocrisy.

“The United States is actively working, without informing anyone, to test and develop the latest equipment in orbit,” she added.

Including drones, the United States, China and India have conducted similar experiments in space.


On Monday, US State Department spokesman Ned Price claimed that destroying the moon poses a threat to the activities of the International Space Station, and condemned the Russian move.