Record: 1 million and 582 thousand doses of vaccine were conducted in Turkey


Health Minister Koca said: “Our medical army provided 82,232 doses of vaccine in two hours and 17 minutes, and thus we reached 1,582,232 doses in the past 24 hours.”

The record 1.5 million target doses in daily vaccination have been exceeded.


“Sleep well”

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced the news on his Twitter account. Minister Koca said that 1.5 million doses of the vaccine were administered two hours and 17 minutes before the end of the 24 hours:

“Today, 1.5 million doses of vaccine were administered at 21.43, and our medical army gave 82,232 doses of vaccine in two hours and 17 minutes.

Thus, we reached one million and 582 thousand and 232 doses in the past twenty-four hours, and the new day’s shift began, “Sleep in peace, good night.”