President Erdogan: Biden should learn history well


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on his US counterpart, Joe Biden, to “learn history well” before making a point about the Armenians’ allegations about the events of 1915.


This came in a press conference on Monday after presiding over the government meeting at the Presidential Complex, where he touched upon US President Joe Biden’s description of the 1915 events as “genocide.”

President Erdoğan emphasized that the expressions used by governments and parliaments of some countries regarding the Armenians’ allegations are “nothing” for Turkey.

On Biden’s statements regarding the events of 1915, President Erdogan said: “We do not see that it is worth even stopping there because it is based on lies and completely false information.”

He added, “Mr. Biden should learn history well, we cannot forgive him for trying to challenge Turkey without knowing these things.”


He stressed that “we must not forget that the Armenian community has been, and will be, the most affected by these hypocritical stances aimed at inflaming feelings of hostility between the Turkish and Armenian peoples.”

President Erdogan referred to the massacres committed by the Armenian gangs in Anatolia with the support and instigation of foreign countries.

While the Ottoman Empire was engaged in a fateful struggle during the First World War.

He pointed to the fact that the number of Muslim victims who were brutally murdered by these gangs is many times the number of Armenians killed, despite the Armenian propaganda machine’s attempts to exaggerate the number.


President Erdogan noted that the killing of any innocent person, regardless of their affiliations and roots, is a “tragedy”.

Earlier, US President Joe Biden described the events of 1915 as “genocide”, which the Turkish Foreign Ministry condemned in a statement, Sunday.

Armenia and Armenian lobbies around the world in general demand that Turkey recognize what happened during the 1915 deportation as a “genocide”, and thus pay compensation.

Turkey stresses that this description cannot be applied to the events of 1915, which it considers a “tragedy” for both parties.