Palestine: Israel lifts restrictions it imposed on the Gaza Strip


On Sunday, a Palestinian official announced that Israel had lifted restrictions it had imposed on the Gaza Strip at the start of the latest aggression on May 10.

Saleh al-Zaq, head of the civil committee in Gaza, said (officially) that “the Israeli side will allow, starting from Monday, the entry and exit of mail to and from the Gaza Strip, including passports, as well as the export of all agricultural crops and clothing.”


He added: “The decision comes after a long ban since the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip on May 10.”

Israel’s freezing of “mail” services to and from Gaza through the Beit Hanoun “Erez” crossing has affected sectors of the Gaza Strip population.

Including those waiting to receive their passports from foreign embassies in Israel or the West Bank to travel for humanitarian purposes.

In this context, Hussein al-Sheikh, head of the Palestinian Civil Affairs Authority (official), said that they called on the Israeli government to open the Gaza crossings for individuals and goods, and to allow import and export to and from the Strip.


Al-Sheikh added in a tweet via “Twitter” that they demanded that Israel release all goods seized in Israeli ports to Gaza merchants.

The Palestinian minister hopes that “what was allowed today (he did not mention) would be a prelude to completely lifting the siege on our people there.”

And earlier on Sunday, the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture in Gaza announced that the restrictions imposed by Israel on the “Kerem Abu Salem” crossing caused losses of 16 million dollars as a result of not allowing agricultural marketing and exports.

With the beginning of the latest aggression, on May 10, Israel closed the crossing completely and then reopened it after the ceasefire.


However, it imposes severe restrictions on the movement of imports and completely prevents exports, which exacerbates the already deteriorating living and health conditions.