Pakistan’s Lahore University sends tons of aid to Turkey


The University of Lahore, Pakistan, has sent tons of aid to those affected by the earthquake disaster in Turkey.

Various segments of society in Pakistan continue to do their best to support Turkey after the disaster.

While civil organizations are organizing donation campaigns in response to an appeal from the Pakistani government, schools, mosques and universities continue to collect aid and send it to those affected by the earthquake in Turkey.

The University of Lahore has sent a large amount of aid and is still collecting aid for those affected by the earthquake.


The university purchases tents with cash assistance, while collecting in-kind assistance in a warehouse it has designated for this purpose.

Students, staff and academics of the university contribute greatly to this campaign.

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Lahore, Nasir Mahmood, said that they rushed to organize an aid campaign following the earthquake disaster in Turkey.

He explained that they have so far sent 1,000 tents suitable for winter conditions, 300 sleeping bags, 20,000 blankets and 10,000 boxes of pasta.

He pointed out that they are in contact with the “Aziz Mahmoud Hodayi” endowment in Turkey, and they quickly sent aid in cooperation with Turkish Airlines.

He noted that there is great support for the aid collection campaign by students and academics at the university.

He pointed out that they have prepared 5,000 food parcels, with the support of volunteers, on their way to Turkey.

For his part, master’s student Hassan Mehar said that they are working day and night to send aid quickly, stressing that they stand by their Turkish brothers at this difficult time.

On February 6, a 7.7-magnitude earthquake hit southern Turkey and northern Syria, followed by another with a magnitude of 7.6 and thousands of violent aftershocks, killing tens of thousands of people and leaving huge material damage.