Operation of the new Turkish satellite TÜRKSAT 5A in the presence of Erdogan


Anadolu Agency reported that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended the launch of the TÜRKSAT 5A satellite at the Golbasi Campus in Turkestan.


Erdogan said the TÜRKSAT 5A satellite was launched in January with a Falcon 9 rocket and was launched into orbit in early May.

The satellite is in service after a long test and preparation.

Turkey will be among the top 10 countries in the field of satellite communications in the world.

He noted that the design and production stages of the TÜRKSAT 5B satellite have been successfully completed and that its testing is ongoing.

“We plan to launch this satellite into space in the last three months of the year,” he said.

The capacity of the TÜRKSAT 5B satellite is more than that of all the current satellites in the country and with its commissioning, the communication capacity of the country will increase 15 times.

“We also plan to launch the Turksat 6A satellite, which is in the testing phase, next year,” he said.


He also announced the publication of a strategic plan based on supporting innovation and developing the country’s technological capabilities and artificial intelligence, prepared in the near future.

“Given the understanding that cyber threats may become one of the biggest threats against the country, we will establish a robust cyber defense mechanism,” he concluded.