Omar Çelik: The word “nation” is against values ​​and an outdated mentality


“It is an outdated mentality to see the Turkish president say ‘nation’ against the values ​​of the republic and the concepts of society and the nation,” said AKP spokesman Omer Celik.

Justice and Development Party spokesman Omer Celik responded to the criticism of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan through his Twitter account.


“Our president fights for the peace of all sects”

Noting that some commentators are trying to judge President Erdogan by saying “this is a nation”, Celik confirmed that Erdogan is fighting for the peace of all sects:

Our state and our nation have many dimensions,Our president leads politics on the basis of the existence, rights and interests of the Turkish nation.

Meanwhile, he works to solve the problems of the nation and the vitality of the Turkish nation, the world and the cooperation between civilizations.

Our president fights for the peace of Turkmen, Kurds, Arabs, Sunnis, Shiites, Christians, Jews, Yazidis and all other sects in our neighboring geography. “


“Seeing the nation’s word on values ​​is an outdated mentality”

The AKP spokesman Celik said:

In this context, our president has consistently warned against the scourge of sectarianism and racism, stressing “the nation’s unity and cohesion.”

It is an outdated mentality to see the Turkish president say “the nation” contrary to the values ​​of the nation, the republic, the society and the nation.

In order to preserve the glory and honor of our republic, our president, the leader of Turkey and national policy, is also keen on the unity of the nation, the strengthening of the Turkish world, and the peaceful existence of the neighboring peoples.

The understanding that it contradicts the values ​​of our culture and the geography of our beliefs with the values ​​of our republic is a primitive approach.”


The statements made by Omer Celik in his post

“This mentality represents a line that harms the sense of belonging to our citizens, prevents the unity of the state and the nation, and reduces the relationship of our state and nation with the world to one dimension.

Although this narrow understanding contradicts our cultural and political values ​​claim to be based on the values ​​of the Republic, it is far from understanding the geography of Turkey’s influence.

And those trying to judge our president’s focus on a multidimensional cultural approach and politics in an unlimited way must first learn these concepts at the alphabetical level. “

“The nation sees our president’s struggle again these days”

Omer Celik asserted that Turkey left behind the primitive organized ignorance:

“Everyone has witnessed how our president promoted the values ​​that our nation and republic carried from history to the present.


The Turkish world witnessed a great struggle waged by our president for the Turkish world in the Karabakh War.

Today the nation is the struggle of our president for the sake of Al-Aqsa Mosque and Al-Quds, as we see again.

Turkey has left behind the primitive “organized ignorance” that confronts the concepts of nation, republic, democracy, nation, society, the Turkish world and the European vision. “

Referring to their determination to keep the republic alive forever, Celik said: “The policy under the leadership of our president covers the historical depth and all the strategic dimensions of our country.

Ataturk’s statement “The Republic of Turkey will remain forever” is our principle to preserve and strengthen our republic, and we are determined to keep our republic alive forever.