New scandals chase Facebook, Involvement in the genocide of Rohingya


The British newspaper The Guardian revealed in a report new scandals about the company Facebook.

It stated that the Facebook platform is implicated in the escalation of ethnic violence in Myanmar, the genocide of Muslims in Rakhine, and the ongoing conflict in Ethiopia.


The newspaper pointed out that half of Myanmar’s 53 million people use Facebook as their main source of news and that Facebook is fueling ethnic hatred and division.

In a related context, the newspaper confirmed that Facebook was involved in the massacre and genocide that took place in Rakhine against the Muslim Rohingya minority.

The newspaper reported that Facebook allowed its users in 2018 to share and disseminate a series of false information stating that Muslims in Rakhine store weapons in mosques and no action was taken to remove them.

These leaflets soon spread to inflame social violence against the Rohingya Muslim minority.


Facebook conducted an independent investigation into the incident and admitted that the site had fueled violence offline.

It is noteworthy that the genocide against the Muslim Rohingya minority in Arakan caused the deaths of 24,000 Muslims in 2018, and forced hundreds of thousands to leave their hometowns.

In the same context, the newspaper reported that Facebook sparked similar conflicts in Ethiopia.

It also allowed the spread of misinformation in the Ethiopian Oromia region to escalate tensions in the region and caused violence, killing 81 people.

It is noteworthy that Frances Haugen, the former director of Facebook’s content management, known as the “Facebook Leaker”, revealed shocking information about Facebook.


And this was the beginning of this week, and it reports that the company is feeding global chaos and hate through its algorithms.

And that it puts the goal of growth and financial profit before the interest and safety of users, stressing that Facebook harms children, fuels division, and affects mental health.