NASA announces sending a research robot to the moon


The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced that it will send a robot to the moon to search for water and rock samples collected by the Mars Exploration Rover. The robot will also search for frozen water in the Nobile Crater near the south pole of the moon.


NASA said the scientific course of action could change if water ice is found trapped at the bottom of craters on the Moon.

The agency is carrying out future manned studies to include water, air for respiration, and even fuel for return missiles.

As the search for extraterrestrial life continues, salts in rock samples collected by NASA’s Mars rover suggest traces of life on the planet.

The rock samples I collected confirm that groundwater flows on the Red Planet.

According to a group of scientists, the samples provide evidence of the potential for sustainable life and the environment on this planet.

It is also believed that the salts in the collected rock samples come from groundwater, however, the answer to the question of how long this water has existed is not clear.


On the other hand, a group of scientists opposed the view that life exists on Mars and claimed that the Red Planet does not allow the existence of life due to its barren nature.

It is hoped that the rock samples collected will include reasons for how the planet’s water disappeared.