Mountain climbing in Turkey, the best mountain peaks in Turkey


Turkey is a mountainous country geographically, and these mountains surround the Anatolian Peninsula from four directions, Turkey, which is part of the Alps in the Himalayas, has many mountainous regions with different layers and geological shape, and the mountains in Turkey are often backward, and in fact they are protected areas for wildlife, plants and a variety of natural resources.

Turkey’s mountainous nature has influenced the country’s cultural development for centuries, because Turkey is a world full of discoveries for those interested in mountain geography, glaciers and volcanoes will be interesting topics for geological researchers and students to explore, creating an enjoyable experience and a good opportunity for field sports enthusiasts in eastern, southern and central Turkey.

The most famous mountains and peaks in Turkey :

Mount Ararat in Turkey :

Located on the border between Iran and Turkey, it is an extinct volcano covered with ice and snow all year round, and Mount Ararat reaches a height of 5137 meters, and in the southwest of Ararat there is a small mountain called Small Ararat, with a height of 3896 meters.

Between these two mountains there is a plateau (Sardar Bulaq) consisting of volcanic lava at an altitude of 2,600 meters, which will increase your motivation to see and climb this mountain range, despite the clear and sunny weather in these months in an area at an altitude of more than 3000 meters, the specific climate of the mountainous areas  Very high, the southern front of the mountain is the safest and easiest way to climb the summit which has the best roads, communications and security, and it is never recommended to climb Mount Ararat alone and without a guide.

Mount Cilo in Turkey :

Mount Cilo is located in the southeast of Hakkari Province in the eastern part of the Taurus Mountains, and Mount Cilo is the western part of the Himalayan Belt, it is the highest peak in the Cilo mountain range.

There are extensive dry areas, but the precipitation in high areas is much higher, and the best times to travel in the summer are June, July, August and September, and to climb mountains in the winter it is preferable to go in the months of February and March.

The Kaçkar Mountains in Turkey :

In the northeast of Turkey and in the northern part of the Anatolian Mountains, the Kaçkar Mountains, with their rainy weather and wonderful landscapes, attract the attention of every viewer, the highest peak in this mountain range is the summit (Kaskar Karun), which has a height of 3932 meters.

This region enjoys a subtropical climate, the weather is hot and rainy, and the average temperature in this region is 14 degrees Celsius, in the coldest time of the year, that is, in January, the temperature reaches at least 7 degrees Celsius, and in the hottest days of the year, in August, the maximum temperature is 22.6 ° C in these regions.

The main peaks of these mountains are (Altiparmak), (Kavron) and (Vercnik), all of these peaks can be climbed from the northern and southern slopes, and climbing to these peaks is not restricted provided that you are accompanied by a local guide.

Mount Taurus in Turkey :

The Taurus Mountains are the western branch of the vast Himalayan mountain range that extends across Asia, and this part of the Himalayas in Turkey is located along the southern slopes of the Anatolian Mountains and is divided into four main branches, the western branch, the central branch, the southern branch and finally the southeast branch.

The highest peaks are generally located in the central and southeastern parts, which are rugged, majestic mountain ranges that are difficult to climb, and from the mountain the Daglar Mountains extend from the southwest to the northeast for a distance of about 50 km, and the home to the highest peaks, which is the summit (Demirkazık), which has a height of 3756 meters, this chain is located in the provinces of Nigde, Kayseri and Adana.

How to travel and climb to Mount Taurus in Turkey :

The best climbing seasons are in the months May, June, July and August, and when the grasslands in the highlands have the most vegetation.

Mount Erciyes in Turkey :

The most important centers for mountaineering and winter sports are located in Turkey, Mount Erciyes rises to the south of the Kayseri Valley, the Sultan swamps from the west and an international valley from the south, and the upper part of the mountain is covered with ice and snow all year round.

Erciyes is the tallest volcano in central Anatolia within the mountain, which has a diameter of 18 kilometers, and occupies an area of ​​1000 square kilometers.

The climate of the region is an example of the climate of the steppes, and in winter, snow falls heavily in the heights of this region, so the northern part of the mountain has a climate  Much milder climate.

How to travel and climb to Mount Erciyes in Turkey :

The summit can be reached from the northwest or south slopes, and June, July, August and September are the best months of ascent.

The two summits of Mount Nemrut in Turkey:

Turkey can really boast of these two peaks, called the Nemrut Mountains, one of the two peaks is located in the southeast, near Adıyaman, and it is of historical and archaeological importance in the first place, also Mount Tatvan is located in Nemrut in Nineveh Governorate, which is an extinct volcano with a height of 3050 meters.

How to hike and climb Mount Nimrud in Turkey :

This can be done in the southeastern part of Tatvan, where climbers reach the crater after an easy hike of 4 to 5 hours, those who reach this point will have the opportunity to see the amazing silent crater, and there are four-wheeled vehicles for those who have a hard time walking through, climbing the crater, you take them from (Ahlat) or (Tatvan) to the summit.

Mount Süphan in Turkey:

Mount Süphan is a dormant volcano that rises from the northwestern shores of Lake Van with a height of 4050 m, and the snow height in this part reaches from 3 to 4 meters during the winter season, and the combination of steep slopes and appropriate snow cover in this place made this place a suitable path for helicopter skiing sports, in this sport, the helicopter leaves the person first on the slopes so that the skier can experience the adventure of skiing on the high mountains!

How to hike and climb to Mount Süphan in Turkey :

In order to climb from the eastern front, you have to take the coastal road that surrounds Lake Van, then you have to change the road between Adiljavaz and Erciyes northward to the village of Aydınlar, after moving from this pass to the village of Kitchgili, you can find a guide to guide you to your ascent, and the ascent starts from  South and from the village of (Harmantepe).

So, we have provided you with the most important and most famous and tallest mountains in Turkey, you can now choose your destination carefully to do a distinctive adventure in Turkey, this country rich in steep mountains and unforgettable experiences.