Morocco and Turkey discuss the development of judicial cooperation


On Thursday, Morocco and Turkey discussed the reality of cooperation between the judicial institutions of the two countries and ways to develop it.

This came on the sidelines of a meeting of high-level judicial officials from the two countries in the capital, Rabat, according to a statement by the Supreme Council of the Judicial Authority in the Kingdom.

The meeting was attended on the Moroccan side by the delegated president of the Supreme Council of the Judiciary, Mohamed Abdel Nabawi, and the head of the Public Prosecution Office, Moulay El Hassan El Daki.


While it was attended by the Turkish side, which is on an indefinite visit to the Kingdom, the First President of the Court of Cassation, Muhammad Akarja, and the Public Prosecutor of the same court, Bakir Shaheen.

According to the statement, the meeting discussed “the reality of judicial cooperation between the judicial institutions of the two countries and discussed ways to develop it to learn about the judicial systems and best experiences, as well as benefit from the judicial expertise between the two countries.”

The statement pointed out that “the talks included identifying the developments that the Moroccan judicial system has witnessed since the establishment of the judicial authority in the Kingdom, and the important constitutional and legal achievements it has achieved.”

He added, “The Turkish delegation is scheduled to continue its visit to some judicial institutions and to meet with officials of the justice system in the Kingdom.”

In March 2013, Morocco and Turkey signed an agreement to enhance judicial cooperation between them.

The agreement aims to support judicial cooperation between the two countries, especially in the field of exchanging jurisprudence, legislative texts, legal studies, organizing conferences, seminars, work visits, training and technical assistance.