Minister Kasapoglu: We’ll sing the Turkish National Anthem from our homes on May 19


Minister Kasapoglu visited Anitkabir in the framework of the commemoration of Ataturk, Youth and Sports Day and Youth Week “on May 19.

We will go to the windows of our homes and balconies with our glorious flag, and sing our national anthem in unison.”

Minister Kasapoglu, Director General of Sports Services Mehmet Baykan, along with a delegation of 18 national athletes and 27 young people, walked from the Turkish Olympiad Preparation Center by Assad, and reached the Ataturk Mausoleum.


After Kasapolu placed a wreath on the Ataturk mausoleum, a minute of silence was observed.

The Minister of Youth and Sports Mehmet Muharram Kasapoglu also talked about the activities that will be held within the framework of the May 19 commemoration of Ataturk, Youth and Sports Day and Youth Week.

“We will celebrate Ataturk Anniversary and Youth and Sports Day with enthusiasm”

Kasapoglu said: “Above all, on May 19, all of Turkey will take our glorified flag to the windows and balconies of our homes at the same time, and sing our Turkish national anthem in unison.

Our Turkish national anthem will be played, and he said that sports stadiums and facilities like last year will shout that they will continue to protect the will of the nation and democracy without compromise.

They will also continue their determination to carry this heritage into the future in the best possible way.”

Minister Kasapoglu stated that the memory of Ataturk and Youth and Sports Day will be celebrated with enthusiasm.

“On this occasion, I congratulate all our people, especially our young athletes on May 19 and the upcoming Ramadan Eid, with thanks to all our dear heroes and martyrs. I remember with mercy and gratitude a Happy Youth Week.”


We will have Weight Equalization programs with Ilber Ortayli as a guest

Minister Kasapoglu announced that several youth week activities have been prepared, which will be broadcast on social media, and that a complete program is being prepared for youth and all citizens.

“We were aiming to spend a longer youth week with our visit to Anıtkabir earlier, which symbolizes the start of our youth week,” Kasapoglu said.

Kasapoğlu said about the “Online Photography Contest” which can be followed on social media.

The special post of “Stage You” for “Youth Week” will be Elbir Ortaylı, our tutor’s guest, and Cansu Canan Özgen.

We will have the “Equal Weight Special” programs hosted by Cansu Canan Özgen.

At the same time, it will be “Online”, and the “Knowledge Contest” and “Participation Verification Event” will be followed.

In addition to simultaneous meetings with the athletes on social media.

We are organizing an “Online Chess Tournament” and again, it will be broadcast live on social media.”