How will the vaccine agreement between Hungary and Turkey work?


Turkey and Hungary have decided to mutually recognize the new type of Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine for each of them.

Victor Maris, Hungary’s ambassador to Turkey, explained the details of the agreement.

The Hungarian Minister of Foreign Trade, Peter Zigarto, has stated that Turkey and Hungary have decided to mutually recognize the new type of Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine.


Minister Zigarto said in a post on his Facebook account that “Turkish and Hungarian citizens who received the COVID-19 vaccine and have a certificate in this regard.

And they will be able to travel between the two countries without commitment to examination and quarantine.”

Turkey and Hungary to recognize each other’s vaccine testimony

Victor Matisse, Hungary’s ambassador to Turkey, answered TRT Haber’s questions about the agreement.

“Given our strong relations with Turkey, we reached the bilateral agreement in question.”

How was this decision made on the Hungarian side and how will it work?


Hungary, with a population of 10 million, vaccinated 45 percent of its population, making it the first in Europe to be vaccinated.

The Hungarian government wants to offer vaccination card holders the safest opportunities to travel and is also prepared to open its doors to countries that take these measures.

We reached the aforementioned bilateral agreement by carefully evaluating all these matters and taking into account our strong relations with Turkey and our strategic partnership.

And from May 11 00.01, people who have been vaccinated by Turkey or Hungary will be able to go to the other country without PCR testing or quarantine.

In addition, companions of persons under the age of 18 who have a certificate of vaccination will be exempted in the same way.

We expect the Hungarian tourists who were vaccinated with this app to discover Turkey, and the tourists who were vaccinated in Turkey to start exploring Hungary.

Thus, life will return to normal step by step.

Hungarian Ambassador Matisse: He clearly mentioned that we are of Turkish origin

The agreement will only be valid between the two countries


Will those who go to Hungary be able to go to the European Union countries from there?

The agreement in question is a bilateral agreement between Hungary and the Republic of Turkey, so it is not valid for other Schengen members or our neighboring countries.

It will not be possible to do tours covering more than one country as before the epidemic.

This will provide an opportunity for tourists traveling from Turkey to Hungary to see areas they have never seen before.

Interest in Ottoman legacies such as Zigetvar, Mohac, Pec or Eger will increase.

What vaccines will be accepted?

Every vaccine taken will be accepted by Turkish or Hungarian official institutions.

In other words, in addition to Sinovac and BioNTech available in Turkey, national vaccines and future Sputnik will also be accepted.


Turkey is the third most visited country

What is Turkey’s interest in Hungary?

Before the pandemic, 150,000 Hungarian tourists came to Turkey in 2019.

We did not take Hungarians living in neighboring countries outside the borders of Hungary into account, as Turkey is the third most preferred country for Hungarian tourists.

The wonderful nature and the hospitality of the people here, excellent hotels will definitely contribute to the arrival of Hungarian tourists.

There is continuous cooperation for joint tourism activities in the public sector, and a joint working group is negotiating at regular intervals to exchange ideas on the mutual development of tourism.