Merck shares drug patent with United Nations agency


The American pharmaceutical company Merck announced that it has agreed with the United Nations-backed organization to patent the production of the drug it developed against the Coronavirus epidemic for the benefit of low-income countries.


In the information on its website, the US pharmaceutical company Merck has been granted a patent for Molnupiravir.

Which announced that it had a positive effect against the virus to the non-profit organization in cooperation with the United Nations for use in more than 100 countries, and announced that it had shared it with the Medicines Patent Group (MPP).

Merck announced that (Molnupiravir), whose production will be expanded in cooperation with MPP, can be used to treat corona for low-income people in 105 countries, including Pakistan, Cambodia, and all African countries.

MPP said it is not yet clear how many grains will be produced under the licensing agreement when the manufacturers’ factories are operating at full capacity, but it estimates that some manufacturers may start delivering this year.


Merck, which was involved in developing the drug, indicated it could produce 10 million boxes by the end of the year, increasing its ability to do more next year.

Company officials announced on October 1 that the pill in a trial phase cuts in half the risk of hospitalization and death in people newly infected with the virus.

New Jersey-based Merck Pharmaceuticals has applied to the US Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for emergency use approval for the drug (Molnupiravir).