Lower used car prices pushed up sales in February


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In the pre-owned auto and light commercial vehicle online market, sales increased 10.9 percent in February compared to January.

Meanwhile, car prices in Turkey decreased by 1.3 percent during this period.

According to statistics issued by the Turkish Statistics Center, 123,000 497 used passenger cars were sold via the Internet in Turkey during February, an increase of 10.9 percent compared to January.


In this period, the share of used passenger cars in online sales was 80 percent and the share of light commercial vehicles was 20 percent.

In addition, 157,483 cars were sold in February of last year.

Sales are down approximately 22 percent compared to February 2020 and 25 percent compared to January-February 2020.

41% of advertised cars were sold

In the last month, the number of cars advertised in the online market and light commercial vehicles increased by 76%.

Compared to the same period in 2020, and by 13 percent compared to the previous month, to reach 302,551 vehicles.

41% of the advertised cars in February were also sold.


Electric vehicle sales reached 356 units

When the online used passenger car market in Turkey and the light commercial markets were evaluated according to the type of engine.

Diesel cars recorded the highest sales share, at 63.93 percent, in February, with 78,949 cars sold.

It was followed by gasoline cars with 43,291 cars sold, a share of 35.05 percent, and autonomous cars with 852 and 0.69 percent.

The share of electric cars was set at 0.29 percent, with 356 cars sold, and the share of hybrid cars, at 0.04 percent, at 49 cars.

2.7% drop in prices

According to analysis done on announcements in February, there was an average price drop of 1.3% in the online passenger car and light commercial vehicle market compared to the previous month.

A 2.7 percent drop in prices has been recorded since the beginning of the year.