Lionel Messi bids farewell to Barcelona fans in tears


On Sunday, football star Lionel Messi held a press conference at the “Camp Nou” stadium, in which he bid farewell to the Barcelona fans.


This is after the latter announced the departure of the Argentine star from the Catalan club after twenty years of defending his colors.

Messi began the conference with tears before expressing his great sadness at the moment of his farewell, saying:

“A big shock that I did not expect, I felt very sad, until this moment I am trying to accept this, but when I leave here, I will feel even sadder, and the most important thing is that we continue.”

He added: “I don’t know what exactly happened, things were impossible because of the club’s debts.

As for the League, I don’t want to say anything about Javier Tebas (La Liga president), and I have no problem with him.”


He continued: “Barcelona did everything they could, but in the end it happened, I did the impossible to stay here, last year I didn’t want to stay and I said it very clearly, but this year I wanted to stay.”

On his next destination, Messi said: “Of course, Paris Saint-Germain is one of the possible options, but nothing is certain with any club.

When the statement came out, there were several calls from several interested clubs, so far I have not signed, but for sure I am talking and negotiating.”

On Thursday, Barcelona announced the departure of Lionel Messi from the team, “due to economic obstacles mainly related to the salary ceiling of the Spanish League.”

With the expiration of Messi’s contract with Barcelona on June 30, the six-time Ballon d’Or winner is free to move to the club of his choice.

And many French media have agreed that Messi’s next destination will be Paris Saint-Germain.


Where reports from the capital of lights confirmed that the Paris Club has booked the Eiffel Tower next Tuesday to hold a huge party in which the Argentine star is presented to the fans of the club.