“Justice and Development” criticizes the Western media’s targeting


Turkish Justice and Development Party spokesman Omar Celik said that some Western media are systematically targeting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and adopting a non-neutral position in the Turkish elections.

Celik added in a tweet on Twitter on Thursday: “What these media outlets are doing is not media activity. It is primitive black propaganda. Turkey, which does not receive instructions from anyone, will remain a nightmare for these media outlets.”

Celik explained that the Western media openly expresses its dissatisfaction with President Erdogan’s adoption of an independent and principled line in foreign policy.


And he added, “They believe that they can influence the political process in Turkey with their ugly and absurd approaches. President Erdogan’s foreign policy aimed at peace will continue to disturb these means.”

He pointed out that the black propaganda activities that these media have pursued so far have not harmed President Erdogan’s policies and will not harm his future policies.