Izmir.. The tomb of a prominent priest was found in ancient times


Archaeologists in the Turkish state of Izmir have found the tomb of the priest Marcus, who lived in the area during ancient times.


This came during the ongoing excavations in the ancient city of Bergama, which is listed on the World Heritage List of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

After the aforementioned tomb was found, writings in the languages ​​of antiquity were found on it, which prompted the scholars of writings and inscriptions to dismantle it in an attempt to understand it.

After efforts to decipher the enigma of the writings on the tomb, it was found that the written “Marcus ben Trophimus” was for a person who was one of the priests of birds in ancient times.


The following research also showed that “Marcus” lived in the second century BC.

According to historical sources, Marcus was one of the prominent figures in the Roman era, as he read the will of the mythical gods by observing the flight of birds and predicting the future based on the direction, sounds and movements of birds in flight.

Archaeologist Ulrich Hauss from the German Archaeological Institute said the recent discoveries in the ancient city of Bergama are very important historically.


He added that these discoveries shed light to learn more details about antiquity.