Istanbul.. The launch of the “Visioner 2021” conference for businessmen


The fourth edition of the “Visioner 2021” conference for businessmen and academics in Turkey kicked off in Istanbul on Wednesday.

The conference was organized by the Turkish Association of Independent Industrialists and Businessmen “MUSIAD” with media sponsorship from the Anadolu Agency.


The activities of the conference were launched this year under the slogan “Drak” at the “Gulf Conference Center” on the European side of Istanbul, with local and foreign participation.

The conference, which is organized every two years, deals with economic and social changes in Turkey and the world. This year’s edition is scheduled to discuss several topics, most notably the climate and digital transformation.

In a speech during the conference, Mahmoud Asmali, Secretary-General of “Musyad”, touched on the recent developments in the Turkish lira.

Asmali said that the lira will return to its previous strength in the medium and long term, following the recent measures revealed by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


The “Musyad” association was established in Istanbul on May 5, 1990, by a group of Turkish businessmen.

This is with the aim of contributing to the development of individuals, institutions, states, society, technology, science, economy, politics, culture, and society in the Middle East and the world.