India.. the death toll from corona exceeds 400,000


Data from the Ministry of Health in India on Friday showed that 853 new deaths from the Coronavirus were recorded during the past 24 hours, bringing the number of deaths since the start of the pandemic to 400,000.

“The total number of deaths in the country has risen to 400,312,” the Indian Ministry said in a statement.


Also, 46,617 new cases were recorded, and thus the total number of injuries in the country reached 30.4 million, according to the same source.

And late Thursday, Indian health authorities confirmed that “approximately 340 million doses of corona vaccines have been vaccinated in the country.”

India is witnessing a decrease in the number of daily injuries and deaths after it recorded a huge increase last May.

As the number of daily injuries reached more than 400,000, and deaths exceeded 4,500 deaths.

India has the second-largest death toll from the Coronavirus in the world after the United States, while it ranks third after the United States and Brazil in terms of deaths.