Historical evidence of the Ottoman monuments in Montenegro


Montenegro preserves the Ottoman monuments in its territory, most notably the Nizam Mosque and the Martyrs’ Cemetery of the same name.


This cemetery of martyrs was established during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh, after the conquest of Montenegro, where the rich Ottoman soldiers who were martyred during the battles were buried there.

Later, a mosque was built near the cemetery of the martyrs, which later housed the remains of Ottoman soldiers who died in an epidemic that struck the region in 1911 and during the Balkan wars.

With the passage of time, the mosque was in danger of collapsing, which prompted the Muslims of Montenegro to write a letter to the Ottoman Empire asking it to restore it.


However, the letter did not receive a response due to the preoccupation of the Ottomans at the time with the Balkan wars and the exit of Montenegro from their control.

However, the message of the Muslims of Montenegro received a response from the Turkish state nearly a year after it was sent.

In 2000, the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) decided to rebuild the Nizam Mosque, which had completely collapsed before, and opened it for worship in 2010.


Today, the call to prayer is called 5 times from the Nizam Mosque, which contains the Turkish flag and the sanjak of the Ottoman Empire in the Balkans, along with the emblem of the Ottoman Empire.