Forest fires occur in Adana, and the intervention continues


The forest fire that broke out in Akdam district of Kozan district of Adana began to grow gradually in the evening.

The forest fire that started in the red pine forest area in the evening has spread around Karafakıllar Mevkii in Akdam region to the grassy areas.


If the fire spread in the fields in the area, the villagers began to plow around their fields with plows over an area of ​​about 10 km.

Citizens intervened

The head of the Guzan Forest Administration, who intervened in the forest fire, warned the peasants to calm down, and said that they continue to work to extinguish the fire as soon as possible.

Some villagers have started harvesting their wheat crop in anticipation of the spread of fire in their fields.

While the villagers also assisted the Gozan Forest Administration teams that intervened in the fire, some villagers moistened the soil with hoses to prevent the fire from spreading to their homes.

While dry grasslands in the forest area where the fire started increases the risk of fire growth, teams continue to respond to the fire.