Eyes in the Cabinet: Will There Be Additional Measures?


The partial shutdown request that began on April 14 ends in the new week, and all eyes will be on the presidential cabinet on Monday.

The Presidential Council of Ministers will also meet in Bashteba on Monday, and 3 new names for the Council of Ministers will attend the meeting for the first time.

The priority on the agenda of the meeting chaired by President Erdoan once again will be to combat the Coronavirus.

Will there be a full lockdown?

The partial closure period ends for two weeks in the new week, and Minister of Health Fakhruddin Kuja will make a presentation at the cabinet meeting.

The data for the partial closure will be analyzed, and how the measures will be reflected in the table will be considered.

In addition, a reassessment of the regional status map will be carried out in proportion to the population.


The Coronavirus Scientific Committee met

Minister Koja will share the recommendations of the scientific committee that met on Thursday with members of the Council of Ministers.

It will determine how the procedures will continue for the rest of Ramadan and during the holiday.

The Sputnik V vaccine will be used

The number of vaccinations completed in Turkey is about 21 million, after the Sinovac and Biontech vaccine, the Russian Sputnik V vaccine will be used soon.

In this context, the roadmap will focus on the recent situation in Turkey and the procurement of vaccines, and local vaccination studies will be discussed.

President Erdoan will share the decisions made in the cabinet meeting with the public by addressing the nation.