Europeans prefer Merkel in “European president” elections


The majority of EU citizens said that if “elections for the president of Europe” were held, they would prefer the soon-to-be-departed German chancellor, Angela Merkel.


The poll was conducted by the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), a think tank of 16,000 people in 12 European Union countries.

“If there were a European presidential election and the candidates were only French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, what would you vote for?” The question was asked.

In 11 of 12 countries, including France, the majority of respondents favored Merkel, but only in Bulgaria were the responses of Merkel and Macron equal by 31 percent.

Merkel received the most attention in the Netherlands (58%), Spain (57%), Portugal (52%), Denmark (46%), and Hungary (44%).

In these countries, the rate of those favoring Macron remained around 20 percent.


In Germany, 42 percent of respondents answered “Merkel” and 27 percent “Macron”.

In France, Merkel’s preferences overtook Macron, and in France, 32% of respondents chose “Merkel”, while 26% chose Macron.