European Parliament ratifies trade agreement with London after “Brexit”


The European Parliament ratified the trade agreement between the European Union and Britain after Brexit.

The results of the voting were also announced officially today, Wednesday, after the conclusion of the ballot that was organized yesterday evening, Tuesday.

660 of the 697 deputies approved the text, which was opposed by five deputies, while 32 deputies abstained.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson welcomed the approval, saying it was “the last stop on a long journey.”

Johnson said that this agreement, which was concluded at the end of last December, will be applied temporarily from the beginning of this year.

“It brings stability to our new relationship with the European Union as vital trading partners and close allies and equal in sovereignty.”


It is noteworthy that the trade agreement governing relations between London and the European Union consists of 1246 pages.

It comes after 47 years of European integration and four years of bickering over Brexit.

Britain, which left the Union, stopped applying the European rules, leaving the European Single Market, the Customs Union and the Erasmus program for university education.

With this agreement, the European Union will provide Britain with access to its market of 450 million consumers, without customs duties or quotas.

However, the European Union reserves the right to impose sanctions and compensation measures in case the stipulated rules are not respected.

There are also changes that took place in the customs checks at the borders.

And it threw its weight on the exchanges, while the freedom of movement for British and European Union citizens ended between the territories of the two parties.