Europe imports wind energy equipment from Turkey


CEO of the German wind energy giant Nordex Group, Jose Luis Blanco, said that the group imports wind energy equipment from Turkey at a level of 600 million euros annually, and imports are expected to reach one billion euros next year.

This came in a statement he made following a meeting on wind energy supply chain challenges, solutions and alternatives for the European Union region, organized by the Turkish Wind Energy Association (TÜREB) and the European Wind Energy Association (Wind Europe) in the European Parliament.

Blanco pointed out in his statement that “Turkey is one of the largest supply chain centers for their companies, as wind energy equipment is supplied from Turkey at a level of 600 million euros annually, and most of this equipment is used in Western, Central and Northern Europe.”

He explained, “His company has an installed capacity of wind energy of 3.2 gigawatts in the country, and Turkey is the world’s largest exporter and supplier of the company’s steel towers. There are plans to increase supplies of equipment from Turkey. Imports are doubling and we expect them to reach one billion euros in 2024.”


The CEO revealed that “Turkey is an important market not only for his company, which he heads, but also for Europe and the energy sector,” stressing, “I believe that it will be beneficial for Europe to increase its mutual dependence in this sector with Turkey and move to a common market structure.”

He added: “The closer we get to the structure of the common market, the better it will be for both the sector and the company. For this reason, we believe that any obstacles that may arise in the trade agreements between the European Union and Turkey should be removed as much as possible.”

For his part, Ender Ozatay, Vice President and General Manager of Nordex in Turkey and the Middle East, stated that “the company’s installed wind energy capacity in Turkey amounts to 3.2 gigawatts.”

He added: “We grow by double digits every time. The growth we expect in Turkey for 2024 is more than 50 percent in terms of trading volume.”