EU suspends visa facilitation for Belarusian officials


The European Union is preparing to suspend some articles of the visa facilitation agreement for this country on the grounds that the Belarus administration is trying to destabilize the European Union.


The proposal prepared by the European Union Commission on a visa facilitation agreement will also affect officials traveling from Belarus to European countries.

In addition to members of national and local governments and parliaments, members of the Belarusian courts.

The EU Commission emphasized that the proposal would not affect ordinary Belarusian citizens and that the EU would continue to support the Belarusian people.

The Commission’s proposal must also be approved by the European Council in order for it to be implemented.

The European Union accuses the Belarus administration of “using irregular immigration as a tool, and trying to destabilize the Union in this way.”


This is done by sending migrants from countries such as Iraq to the borders of European Union countries such as Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia.

The Visa and Readmission Facilitation Agreement between the European Union and Belarus entered into force in July 2020.

The agreement included conveniences, such as not requiring certain documents in visa applications and reducing visa fees.

The European Union imposes sanctions on a large number of Belarusian individuals and organizations, including President Alexander Lukashenko.


On the grounds that the elections held in August 2020 in Belarus were rigged and the opposition was put under pressure.