EU expands sanctions against Belarus


On Monday, the European Union announced the extension of the sanctions regime imposed on Belarus over the refugee crisis at the Polish border.


A statement issued by the European Council stated that the decision taken at the meeting of EU foreign ministers will limit the Belarusian regime’s use of people as weapons for political purposes.

The statement explained that the change in the sanctions regime against Belarus includes an expansion in the criteria for including individuals and organizations in the sanctions list.

He added that sanctions could be imposed on persons or organizations that coordinate or contribute to the activities of the illegal transfer of individuals from Belarus to EU countries such as Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia.


And last Monday, many asylum seekers tried to cross the border to enter Poland from Belarus

There are currently about 4,000 asylum seekers on the borders of the two countries, according to the Polish news agency.

The European Union accuses Russian President Alexander Lukashenko of coordinating the arrival of the wave of migrants to the eastern side of the bloc.


This was in response to the European sanctions that were imposed on his country after his regime’s “brutal repression” against the opposition.