Erdogan: We’ll continue our efforts to reach a solution with Russia and Ukraine


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that his country will continue its efforts to reach a solution that satisfies the Russian and Ukrainian parties and the international community.

This came in a speech during the traditional breakfast program with foreign ambassadors to Ankara at the Justice and Development Party headquarters in the capital, during which he touched on the Russian-Ukrainian war and calm efforts.


Erdogan added, “The two parties (Russian and Ukrainian) have made tangible progress, but the scenes from Bucha and Erbin and the targeting of civilians in Kramatorsk have cast a shadow over our efforts.”

He expressed his full confidence in the possibility of reaching a peaceful solution through dialogue on the basis of preserving Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

He said that “establishing a ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine and then establishing a lasting peace would be one of the best achievements of all of humanity.”


“We will continue our efforts to reach a satisfactory result for both parties (Russia and Ukraine) and the international community through the Istanbul negotiations,” he added.