Erdogan: We will continue to isolate Israel internationally


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan confirmed that Turkey will continue to “isolate Israel internationally and provide all forms of support to Palestine.”

This came in a speech during a meeting of the parliamentary bloc of his Justice and Development Party in Parliament in the capital, Ankara, on Wednesday.

Erdogan pointed out that Israel, with its massacres in this way, will register itself as a cursed terrorist state everywhere around the world.

He said: “In a dual plan, we will continue to isolate Israel in the international arena while providing all forms of humanitarian support to Palestine.”

He pointed out that they will continue to “take steps to ensure that Israeli political and military leaders are tried before international courts after they brutally killed the oppressed people of Gaza.”

He pointed out that “Israel is implementing a strategy of complete destruction of Gaza City and its residents.”

He added, “I say it frankly and with a calm heart: Israel is a state of terrorism.”

The Turkish President stressed that he would hold “phone calls with the leaders of the countries that abstained from voting on the recent UN General Assembly resolution on Gaza, for which 121 countries voted.”

He stressed that they (the Turkish government) “will never hesitate because someone is upset about declaring that members of the Hamas movement are resistance fighters seeking to protect their homeland and their lives.”

Erdogan directed his words to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying, “You possess an atomic bomb, a nuclear bomb, and you are threatening it. Have whatever you want, and you will leave.”


He pointed out that “the Israeli government, which receives unlimited support from the United States of America and Western countries, has been continuing its massacres for 40 days.”

He stated that “Israel deliberately targets schools, mosques, churches, hospitals, markets, buildings and streets.”

Erdogan stressed that “Israel is demonstrating state terrorism in the true sense of the word by deliberately bombing civilians on the road after forcing them to leave their homes.”

He stressed that “Hamas is a political party that entered the elections in Palestine and won them.”

He added, “After it (Hamas party) won the elections, you took away its rights. Israel and the United States took away its rights. Let us see these facts. Despite this, there are still people in our country who do not know or understand that Hamas is a political party.”

Erdogan pointed out that “children and women constitute two-thirds of the nearly 12,000 Gazans killed by Israel so far.”

He stated that “the Israeli administration carried out the most despicable attacks in the history of humanity against children, women and civilians in Gaza.”

The Turkish President stressed that “no one who calls himself a human being can agree, justify, or see what is happening in Gaza as legitimate.”

He added, “We will not forget those who openly support these massacres and do their utmost to legitimize them. Those who do not raise their voices against the crimes against humanity committed by Israel are as much a party to them as their perpetrators.”

He continued, “The blood of the children who were killed in Gaza is a disgrace on the foreheads of those who provide weapons, ammunition, and intelligence support to the Israeli administration.”

He asked, “Can you imagine hundreds of children being killed every day under bombs? And not a word comes from the European Union and the United States and those who constantly talk about human rights!”