Erdogan: We started building 309,000 homes in the earthquake zones


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that the number of homes under construction, after the completion of ground surveys in the earthquake zone, has reached 309,000.

This came in a press statement on Monday, after an inspection visit to the state of Adi Yaman, in the east of the country.

He stressed that the Turkish government is aware of everything about the effects of the earthquake and that it continues to work intensively to take the necessary measures.

He added, “The number of houses that entered the construction phase after the completion of ground surveys in the earthquake area amounted to 309,000 houses.”


Erdogan stated that due to the devastating impact of the earthquake and negative weather conditions in the first days of the earthquake in Adi Yaman, work was not done as required.

He stressed that his government will not allow the earthquake victims to continue to suffer, pointing out that 10,000 aftershocks have occurred since February 6.

He pointed out that the death toll from the earthquake rose to 44,374, and that more than 115,000 citizens were rescued from under the rubble.

The President expressed his thanks to all the heads of state and government who sent their cash and in-kind assistance and sympathy to Turkey.

He stressed that his country will not forget anyone who stood beside Turkey sincerely in these difficult days, and that they will keep that in their memories and hearts.