Erdogan: We seek to establish a culture of human resources


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan affirmed that his government seeks to establish a culture of human resources based on values ​​such as equal opportunity, transparency, accountability, innovation and professionalism in the public and private sectors.

This came in a message he sent on Monday to the Istanbul Forum for Human Resources, organized by the Human Resources Office of the Turkish Presidency at the Istanbul Conference, and it will continue today and tomorrow.

He added, “We have made great progress in this direction over the past 20 years through steps we have taken in the areas of democracy, basic rights and freedoms, infrastructure investments, and digitization.”


He pointed out that they have established a climate throughout the country in which no citizen is discriminated against, marginalized, or faces artificial obstacles in his path to achieving his dreams, regardless of his beliefs, opinions, or origins.

He stressed that the presidential system contributed to further strengthening the country’s institutional capabilities in terms of better management of human resources.

And he added, “We have provided the country with a comprehensive and easily accessible human resources model that will advance the skills and competencies of our citizens much further, and we aim to increase the effectiveness of this model within the framework of our vision of ‘Turkey’s Century’ and make it ideal in all its aspects.”