Erdogan: We have raised the percentage of people with disabilities to 2%


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the percentage of people with disabilities among public servants in Turkey has approached 2 percent thanks to the steps taken by the AK Party governments.


On Sunday evening, the Turkish presidency published scenes of Erdogan during a meeting he held with people with disabilities and their families on the sidelines of his visit to the western state of Izmir, on Friday.

In his speech, Erdogan stressed that his party, since taking power in 2002, has taken many steps to increase the employment of citizens with disabilities and enable them to continue their lives without dependence on anyone.

He continued, “By appointing 62,337 persons with disabilities to date, we have broken one record after another in this field.”

And he added, “Currently, the percentage of people with disabilities in the total public sector employees is close to 2%.”


The Turkish president expressed his confidence that this number will increase even more in the next stage.

He pointed out that citizens with disabilities cannot reach the position they deserve in society with the efforts of the state or the government alone.

Rather, all individuals, families, civil society, the business world, municipalities, the media, schools, and universities must support this process.


He stressed that the more awareness and sense of responsibility spreads in this issue, the more goals will be achieved.