Erdogan to Europe: How many children must die?


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan denounced the European rejection of the ceasefire call in the Gaza Strip, asking: “How many children must die for the European Commission to demand a ceasefire?”

This came in a speech during his participation in the eighth edition of the “Family Shura” in the capital, Ankara.

Erdogan said, “The attacks on Gaza have already exceeded the point of self-defense and have turned into brutality, cruelty, massacre, and open barbarism.”

He added, “Unfortunately, those who claim to be civilized are content only to watch this brutality. The European Commission stated to us yesterday that it cannot call for a ceasefire.”

He stressed that “those who pay lip service to human rights and freedoms have been ignoring the right of the oppressed people of Gaza to live for 19 days.”

He added, “How many children must die for the European Commission to call for a ceasefire? How many bombs must fall on Gaza for the UN Security Council to intervene?”


He continued: “How many more tons of bombs must fall on Gaza so that the UN Security Council can act? How many more women, civilians and the elderly must lose their lives before Western organizations say ‘stop’ the massacre? And how many more of their colleagues must to be the target of bombs so that the international media can write and tell the truth? And how long must we wait to end this crisis that has turned our region into a ring of fire?

He wondered whether it was possible to remain silent about the news and images coming from the Gaza Strip, adding: “No act, no matter how shocking, can legitimize this brutality.”

The Turkish President continued: “What happened to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Don’t you look at this declaration? They refer to it when it suits them, and when it does not suit them they do not do so? Why? Because the blood that is shed is the blood of Muslims.”

He stressed that instead of sending aid ships, they revealed the lobbyists they serve by sending aircraft carriers and warships to the region.

Denouncing the West’s double standards, he said: “We have known you well, and we will get to know you better. This is called hypocrisy and adding fuel to the fire.”

Erdogan stressed that the Israeli leadership committed a brutal massacre against the Palestinians, citing the shock they suffered on October 7.

President Erdogan noted that he addressed the Catholic community through Pope Francis, who made a phone call with him on Thursday morning.


He said, “Israeli forces are bombing mosques, churches, schools, markets, and even hospitals. So far, more than 6,000 of our brothers and sisters, most of them children and women, have been martyred as a result of the Israeli attacks on Gaza and Ramallah.”

He added: “More than 12,000 tons of bombs, according to what has been revealed so far, were dropped on the heads of 2.3 million people struggling to survive in a narrow, completely besieged area covering an area of 360 square kilometers.”

The Turkish President pointed out that 600,000 Gazans were displaced as a result of the Israeli attacks, according to United Nations figures.

He explained that innocent women and children suffer the most as a result of Israeli attacks, as is the case in all wars.

On the other hand, President Erdogan indicated that the total relief materials that Turkey sent to Egypt to deliver to Gaza exceeds 200 tons.

He stressed that “no one can expect us to remain silent at a time when injustice is occurring before our eyes.”

In another context, the Turkish President stressed that the policies of “desexualization” encouraged by global power centers are the greatest threat to the family in recent times, stressing that Turkey and its people will never submit to international dictates to “desexualize” and will not allow the family structure to be destroyed.