Erdogan: The world must recognize the terrorist face of the Israeli regime


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Israel is an occupying and terrorist regime, and it is time for the world to open its eyes to this fact.


After the cease-fire in the Gaza Strip, the Turkish president stressed that the peoples of the world must know the true and terrorist nature of the Zionist regime, according to what was reported by the Anatolia News Agency.

He continued, “We will show the world the true face of this system.”

We will tell them how, as an occupation and terrorist regime, Israel has left only a handful of lands for the Palestinians since 1947.

We will not give up until the world recognizes Israel as a terrorist regime.

Erdogan has previously justified the Western attacks on the defenseless people of Gaza by ignoring the provocative behavior of the Zionist regime.

This led to him being subjected to severe criticism by many countries supporting the Israeli position.


The Ministry of Health in Gaza also announced that the Zionist regime’s invasion of Gaza had left 243 martyrs and 1910 wounded within 11 days.

Among the martyrs were 66 children and 39 women.

And the process of removing the bodies of the martyrs from under the rubble continues in separate areas of the Gaza Strip.