Erdogan: Resorting to hatred to achieve political gains is impotence


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that it is impossible to resort to hatred to achieve political gains.

This came in a speech delivered by President Erdogan during the consultative and evaluation meeting with the local administrations of the Justice and Development Party in the capital, Ankara, on Monday.

The Turkish President stressed that “no goal can be achieved by fueling xenophobia and hatred of refugees in society.”

He added: “The opposition’s poisonous rhetoric is one of the reasons for the sad events caused by a small group in Kayseri yesterday, Sunday.”

President Erdogan expressed his complete rejection of the acts of sabotage represented by setting fire to the streets and burning shops.


He stressed that there was and will not be a place in the Justice and Development Party’s policies for “discrimination, exclusion, and sowing hostility between people through hate speech.”

He continued: “Burning people’s homes and setting fires in the streets is unacceptable, regardless of the identity of those doing so.”

Erdogan expressed his expectation that the “wise people” in the opposition will make more efforts to prevent the repetition of some of the scenes that “old Turkey” was experiencing.

Earlier Monday, Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya announced the arrest of 67 people suspected of attacking Syrian property in Kayseri province, which witnessed riots.