Erdogan: Gaza is witnessing a human rights violation today


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Gaza and the occupied Palestinian territories are the place where the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is being blatantly violated today.

This came in a speech during an event by the Justice and Development Party on Saturday on the occasion of International Human Rights Day, corresponding to December 10 of each year.

Firstly, President Erdogan wished that International Human Rights Day would bring goodness to all humanity, especially the oppressed and persecuted.

He added that the text of the International Human Rights Day was ratified 75 years ago amid great hopes, pointing out that despite the passage of three-quarters of a century, this text still maintains its importance as a document in terms of humanity’s gains.

He stressed that this document continues to remind the international community of its responsibilities since its announcement 75 years ago on the foundations of the ideals of a more just and free world.

He stressed that although the Declaration has not been able to end human rights violations to date, it is one of the basic pillars of humanity’s struggle for a dignified life.

He added that many regions of the world witness human rights violations on International Human Rights Day.


He added that hostility to Islam and anti-foreigners in Western societies is at the forefront of the threats facing human rights.

He pointed out that the segment most affected by discriminatory, fascist, xenophobic, and racist practices are undoubtedly Muslims, who constitute the largest percentage of immigrants.

The Turkish President added that the term terrorism and terrorists has turned into a cover for attacking Islam, insulting Muslims, and killing innocent people.

He touched on the attack on a mosque in New Zealand 4.5 years ago during Friday prayers and the martyrdom of 51 people, pointing out the extent to which hostility to Islam can reach.

He added that attacks against Muslims and immigrants were not limited to these only, but continued to spread in parts of the world such as Canada, the United States, Europe, and Asian countries.

He went on to say: “We can never forget the tragedy of George Floyd, who died while saying, ‘I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe’… We also saw how the waves washed the body of the child Aylan to the shore. The death of the child Aylan did not awaken the consciences of Western countries.”

President Erdogan stressed that Western countries have legitimized and encouraged anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim actions under the pretext of “freedom of thought.”

He explained, “The increasing incidents of barbarism and the escalating cries of innocent people (in Gaza) are indicators that we are approaching a turning point.”


He stressed that the Israeli government, which enjoys unlimited support from Western countries, is committing brutal atrocities and massacres in Gaza that would make all of humanity feel ashamed.

He renewed talk about the possibility of “establishing a more just world,” adding: “But not with the United States because it stands with Israel.”

He expressed his regret over the failure of the UN Security Council to pass a draft resolution demanding a ceasefire in Gaza due to the United States’ use of its veto, asking: “Can there be justice like this?”

President Erdogan continued: “We once again saw the reality that ‘the world is bigger than five’ and the Security Council must be reformed.”

He pointed out that the UN Security Council has transformed into a council to protect Israel since October 7th.

He stressed that “from now on, humanity cannot say that the United States is a country that supports the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

He stressed that the “butchers of Gaza” must pay the price for their crimes against humanity before international courts, expressing his belief that this will be achieved, God willing, sooner or later.

He added that humanity cannot make any progress with the United Nations and the UN Security Council in their current form.