Erdogan: 2023 is a turning point in our political and economic progress


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday expressed his belief that the year 2023 will be a turning point in the country’s history and its progress towards the first ranks in the first league of global politics and economy.


This came in a speech delivered by President Erdoğan at the awards ceremony for the 140th anniversary of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) at the Gulf Convention Center in the city.

Erdogan indicated that next year 2023 Turkey will celebrate the centenary of its founding in October 1923.

He added, “I believe that the year 2023, in which our republic will conclude its first centenary, will be recorded in our history as a turning point in our progress towards the first ranks in the first league of global politics and economy.”

He pointed out that his government, just as it has succeeded in overcoming many crises and problems over the past years, will make the (problem) of inflation just a memory from the past.


He added that the basic condition for this (solving the inflation problem) is to maintain an atmosphere of stability and confidence in the country, indicating that the next year 2023 is of great importance, in reference to the date of the presidential elections in the country in June of that year.

According to the Turkish Statistics Authority, the consumer price index in the Turkish market rose last August by 1.46 percent on a monthly basis compared to the previous July.

Year-on-year inflation rose in August to 80.21 percent.

“We will pass 2023 safely without incidents by completing our big projects, taking advantage of the opportunities provided by global developments for our country, and successfully completing the (presidential and parliamentary) elections through the People’s Alliance,” Erdogan said.


The People’s Alliance includes the ruling Justice and Development Parties headed by Erdogan, the National Movement led by Dovlet Bahçeli, and the Grand Union led by Mustafa Dastaci.