England, the epidemic delays vaccinations against HPV


In England, planned life-saving HPV doses for young people have been postponed as healthcare staff is busy with the coronavirus vaccine.

The cervical cancer virus (HPV) vaccine reduces the risk of cervical cancer by approximately 90 percent.


Life-saving HPV vaccines for young people have been postponed as UK healthcare staff are busy administering coronavirus vaccines.

In this term, hundreds of students will receive their first dose of the HPV vaccine.

The vaccine also shows a protective effect against cancers caused by the human papillomavirus, such as cervical cancer, penile cancer, and some cancers of the mouth and throat.

Figures for October last year show that 59.2 percent of girls and 54.4 percent of men received their first HPV vaccine in 2019.

Children are usually given their first vaccine in the eighth year, with the second dose six to 24 months later.


It is recommended for those over the age of 15 who have missed the vaccination to get it at the age of 25 but in three doses.