Emine Erdogan stresses the need to preserve the environment


The wife of Turkish President Emine Erdogan stressed the need to preserve the environment “with the aim of bequeathing a better world to future generations.”


This came in a speech on Friday during her participation, via video call, in the “Zero Waste Summit 2021” meeting in Istanbul.

She pointed out that global warming does not only affect human life but the entire ecosystem, which leads to a change in the balance of nature.

She added that “many living creatures are facing the threat of extinction, and the world that we inherited from our ancestors is diminishing and we are leaving it to the custody of future generations.”

And she added that the world is integrated and is in the custody of humanity, so “we must preserve it with high environmental ethics.


In addition to developing and implementing effective environmental policies with the aim of handing over the trust (the world) to future generations without diminishing.”

She expressed her gratitude for the transformation of the “Zero Waste” project summit, launched by Turkey in 2017, into a traditional summit for the fourth year in a row.

It also expressed its readiness to support all activities and initiatives aimed at increasing the spread of the “zero waste” principle.

The “Zero Waste” project is based on changing the consumption habits of citizens, separating waste from the source, and then recycling it.


With the aim of reaching the rate of waste recycling to 35 percent in 2023, and 60 percent by 2030.