Economic discussions between Libya and Turkish Ambassador


The Governor of the Central Bank of Libya, Al-Siddiq Omar Al-Kabeer, and the Turkish Ambassador, Kenan Yilmaz, held talks in Tripoli on Monday that focused on the economic issue.


According to the Central Bank in a statement, the two sides discussed “Turkey’s role and efforts in supporting stability in Libya by calling for comprehensive national reconciliation that brings together all parties.”

The United Nations is making efforts to achieve consensus among the Libyan forces on holding parliamentary and presidential elections in an attempt to end an armed conflict that has plagued the oil-rich country for years.

The meeting between Omar Al-Kabeer and Yilmaz also dealt with “the repercussions of the current global crisis and its impact on the two countries,” according to the statement.

The countries of the world are suffering from the economic repercussions of a military attack launched by Russia in its neighbor Ukraine since February 24.


The statement said that the Libyan-Turkish meeting also dealt with “a number of issues of common interest, foremost of which is the relationship between Libyan and Turkish banks.”