Discussion of Application Principles for Electric Scooters at UKOME


Under the chairmanship of IMM Secretary General Can Akin Çağlar at the UKOME meeting in 1453 Çırpıcı Social facilities.

The “Electric Scooters Sharing System Guidelines and Permit Application Principles” were held, which are also widely used in Istanbul.

While the regulation is unanimously accepted, the subcommittee will identify the restricted areas for motorcycles and bring them to the agenda at the next meeting.


Orhan Demir, Deputy Secretary General of IMM in charge of transportation also said that to date there is no legal regulation on the number of electric scooters and where they are used, their features and speeds.

Pointing out that the regulation approved in UKOME contains the main principles related to the number of companies that will work in this field.

In addition to the number of scooters and how they are distributed over the regions.

“In the guidance here, it is specified how and where motorbikes can or cannot be used in Istanbul and their speed, where they stop,” Demir said.

“Our citizens know the most important part, I think the movement of pedestrians on motorbikes was left haphazardly on the sidewalks while walking.

Obstacles to walking for it, the disabled and the owners of baby carriages will be eliminated.

The places where they will park their cars will also be determined, who can use them and in what way, and most importantly, their number will be determined.”


“Hopefully the scooters are in good shape”

Demir noted that the regulation also limits the number of motorcycle licenses that can be issued in Istanbul.

Explaining that the way to share data about motorbikes has also been unlocked, Demir said:

“Both the Ministry and IMM will be able to know where the scooters are rented, where they have been left and where they are being used.

And the most important part is that the supervisory organization is also clear, and hopefully the scooters are in order.

No one knows how many scooters are used in Istanbul, but it is estimated at about 30,000. According to the regulation issued by the ministry, there is an average of one scooter for every 200 people living in the city.

As for the price, there will be 75,000 scooters in Istanbul, with a maximum of one-fifth of this number being given to each company that wants to operate a scooter.

There are conditions when accepting applications, as everyone wants, and the scooter will not be able to do that.”