Details about Mehmet Aydin’s 4-hour statement in the court


PharmBank founder Mehmet Aydin claimed that luxury vehicles, yachts, 7 villas, and a bitcoin mine were confiscated in Uruguay and Paraguay.

Claiming that his assets in Turkey will cover his debts, Aydin was arrested by the court, and the founder of Mazraa Bank, Mehmet Aydin, made striking allegations in his statements before the police and the Public Prosecution Office.


Mehmet Aydin also explained in his 4-hour statement at the Anatolia Prosecutor’s Office in Istanbul how he established and grew a farm platform.

Alleging that he was asked for extortion and threats, Aydin argued that he travels from time to time to escape persecution.

The founder of the Mazraa Bank, Mehmet Aydin, was arrested, and he claimed that his property was confiscated in Uruguay and that he was abroad when the investigation began.

While he was wanted by a red notice, he claimed that a black money investigation had been launched against him in Uruguay, and thus his assets had been confiscated.

“A luxury Ferrari and a Hummer were confiscated, and my yacht worth $600-700 thousand was confiscated.

In addition to the land of 7 PabiPark villas that we set up here, building materials and cars were confiscated.”

Aydin also explained that he mines Bitcoin, telling Uruguayan Osman Naim Kaya that he gave $3 million to invest in Bitcoin and that they started production in Paraguay.

He said they invested a similar 6.5 million lira in Akhisar, and then took the 928 devices they had bought to Paraguay.


Confidentiality decision on Mehmet Aydin’s file

Aydin blamed the people he worked with and claimed that the Bitcoin mining investment in Paraguay was taken over by the people who worked with him.

“I believe that Osman Naim Kaya and the Uruguayan national bought the Bitcoin production hardware themselves, thinking that I could not claim any rights because of the red notice.”

A fugitive reveals his brother’s whereabouts

Aydin claimed that he went to Brazil with 3 bitcoins and 50 thousand euros and lived on this money for 3 years.

When he learned in the press that the damages to the victims amounted to 64 million pounds, he said that the confiscated assets would be enough to cover them, so he surrendered.

He reported that his older brother Fatih Aydin, who is also a fugitive, is also in Brazil.


After his statement, the founder of Ciftlik Bank Aydin was referred to the court for arrest on charges such as “conditional fraud”, and “establishing and leading a criminal organization”.

The court decided to arrest Mehmet Aydin after an hour of interrogation, and so far, 4,421 people have filed complaints against Aydin as victims.