Continuing to deal with the fire that broke out yesterday in Hatay


The forest fire that broke out yesterday in the Bhathai region is uncontrollable, and the response to the fire continues.


Efforts are continuing to control the forest fires that broke out for an unknown reason in the forest area yesterday evening.

Kahramanmaraş Provincial Forestry Directorate teams have dispatched to the area, several sprinklers, water tanks, forest operations personnel, and aircraft from the surrounding provinces to respond to the fire.

The planes also supported the firefighting work that takes place from the ground at night, starting in the morning hours.

The teams intervened from the air with planes and helicopters in areas where the groundwork was not possible, however, on the second day of the fire, with the air blackening, the teams stopped the air intervention.

Under the influence of the wind, fires that spread in the steep terrain in some areas open up construction machinery to enter from the ground.


A forest fire broke out in the area last night, and the fire was spread in a short time by the wind.