Condolence call from Shentoub, to the Palestinian father


Parliament Speaker Mustafa Shantoub conveyed his condolences in a phone call to the Palestinian Abu Suhaib, who lost his children.

Shantoub also said that Turkey has always stood by its brother Palestine.

The head of the Turkish National Assembly, Mustafa Shantoub, said in a telephone conversation with Father Abu Suhaib that the terrorism practiced by Israel against Palestine is a global affair.


“This is the issue of the Islamic world for two billion people”

“I do not see that the issue is only related to our Palestinian brothers,” Shantoub said. “This is an issue that concerns the Islamic world for two billion people, all Muslims and the world.”

“Turkey always stands by brotherly Palestine”

Şentop continued his words as follows:

We accept the Palestinians as our family and our children. We hope that peace and tranquility will prevail in Palestine as soon as possible. Turkey is always with sisterly Palestine.

Thank you, Turkey, from a Palestinian father

While the Speaker of Parliament, Shantob, conveyed his condolences to the painful father and his relatives whose children were martyred, he thanked Abu Suhaib, who suffered in Turkey.

He thanked President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Turkish people, and said that the only country that truly embraced Palestine is Turkey.


The father stressed the occurrence of a large massacre in Palestine and Gaza, stressing that Turkey has always defended the Palestinian cause and supported Gaza and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and that Turkey showed that it is with Palestine today.

“We decided to settle in Turkey”

The Palestinian father said that he came to Turkey in 2013 and returned to Gaza after staying for a while.

Adding that a few years ago, his family decided to settle in Turkey because Turkey is a country where people are respected and where justice and security prevail.

Indicating that his son, who was martyred yesterday, asked him when they would go to Turkey, and he said that he wanted his family to go to Turkey as soon as possible, even if he did not go.

The father expressed his desire to come to Turkey at the first opportunity, in line with the will of his late son.